Product w/child variant

Product with child variant; parent ordable
Hodnocení: 4/5

Základní cena s DPH: 12,00 €
Prodejní cena11,40 €
Prodejní cena bez DPH9,50 €
Sleva:-0,60 €
Hodnota DPH1,90 €
Cena / kg:114,00 €
Customfield Child Variant

Popis produktu

This product will explain the usage of customfield generic (dynamic) child variant. The base product is ordable in this case.

Consider you sell products in different color settings: you want to change the color of the product by selecting a color variant.
Therefore dynamic child variants can be used to allow you different description, images, or product status for every variant of your base product.

Set up a new product, set price, add child products. Add created customfield generic child variant.
The child products are assigned to another unpublished category as the parent product for calculation or llike in this case to no category.
Tick the checkboxes Display parent as option.

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